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Department Profile

    The Department of Arabic at F.A. Ahmed College, Garoimari was initiated by Late Shamsul Hoque, one of the honourable patrons and pioneers of the College, then the subject teacher of Majortop H.S. School as the only honorary teacher of the Department. At the same time, Major course was started and then Governing Body of the College appointed Abdul Awal Sahab and Hazrat Ali on 16/08/1993 as lecturer in the Department of Arabic following all procedure including Advertisement, interview, selection, appointment and was given joining to both of them on 01/09/1993. First of the two has been shouldering the charge of Principal i/c since 01/01/2014 as well as the Headship of Department till 17/08/2022. The other faculty members are Dr. Ruhul Amin appointed on 03/01/1996 and Md. Asraf Ali appointed as fourth faculty in the Department on 22/12/2009. The Department of Arabic is smoothly running with Major/Honours, general/Regular course from the inception of the College having sufficient number of students and their excellent result in the College. Charge of Departmental Headship was transferred to Hazrat Ali on 17/08/2022 and is rendering his service in his own position.

Aims and Objectives:

    Arabic is one of the richest literature as well as an important international language of the world. The prose, poetry, novel, drama essay, rhetoric, grammar, of Arabic language are highly developed in comparison to other literature. The languages related to Quran, Hadith, Islamic shariah, and all steps of a Muslim. So Aims and Objectives of Arabic is to know the greater literary world and to meet the necessity of the life of a Muslim. Every individual of the world has the thirst for their own Arts, culture, civilization and religion etc. A man cannot live without language, literature, culture and religion. All man of the world wants to develop themselves from bad to good thorough their literary trends. Aims and Objectives of teaching and learning of Arabic is to quence the thirst of body and mind. So Arabic is relevant subject for the modern period. Aims and object of the Department of Arabic is summarised as follows;

  1. To increase number of students in the Department of Arabic as to educate and aware them about different literary issues.
  2. To provide the students the knowledge of Arabic language and literature.
  3. To provide the students the knowledge of basic principles of Islamic rules and regulations from Quran and Hadith.
  4. To develop socio-religious environment among the students in particular and the society in general.


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