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Department Profile

    The Department of Political Science was started in the College since inception with due permission from Gauhati University in the year 1991-92. Major course was introduced in the Department in the session of 1992 with due permission from Gauhati University. At present, the Department is having both honours and general courses. There are about 3 teachers in the Department imparting education. At the very beginning, the Department was run by Mr. Azizul Hoque, (M.A) later on, he left the College and Md. Nuruzzaman Hoque joined as lecturer in the Department on 14th August, 1993. Md. Abul Ali joined as a lecturer in the Department on 27th May 1995. Md. Lutfor Rahman joined as a lecturer in this Department on 2nd February 2001. Mrs. Deluwara Khanom was appointed as lecturer in the year 2009 who is under suspension.

    Political Science is a subject which is essential in every step of human life and the need of knowledge of political science is increasing day by day in modern society. In a democratic state like India, it is essential of the part of citizens to have sufficient knowledge of good governance and the clear view of their rights and duties. The mission of the Department is to encourage the students to understand the various political principles and philosophical doctrines so that they can become responsible citizen in future. The Department of political science endeavours to generate new knowledge and produce students trained with political science.

    The Department has contributed a lot towards teaching, learning and creating a positive and inclusive space for overall development of students. The Department has produced innumerable Graduates in Political Science. The Department believes that academic learning must be complemented by extra-curricular activities and the same is fulfilled by arranging field visits to places of significance, social get-togethers of the department, academic activities of the department, involvement in social activities through the NSS, and the like. ‘Bright Life’ is wall magazine of the Department newly introduced that highlighting related issues and contemporary topics.


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